Month: <span>March 2020</span>

Unless you’re planning a major movie production career most generic, fun, family video shooting is well serviced by the likes of a plain variety of reliable Panasonic camcorders. Most of us think that way and for the most part our tv viewing hardware is straight video standard screen stuff. That means with all the hoopla about HD recording and now adding 3D to the mix, the majority of what the average person on the street is doing can be accomplished in SD or standard definition.

Nothing against the HD enthusiast but not everyone takes an immediate step up just because new toys hit the market. Aside from being costly it’s hard to settle into a niche and get comfortable using a specific type of technology when you change up just because another one comes around.

Want to post video on Facebook? Need to send the grand parents the shots of your baby’s first steps or when the training wheels come off. No one will even notice that your video file is not in HD when they open the attachment to their email. Most probably won’t care. In fact if you start assuming that the rest of the world has instantly gone HD compatible you may find yourself in a small but growing crowd of videophiles. Panasonic camcorders in SD are still the cat’s meow, for now!