How to Choose the Roots Blowers for Your System

Do you plan to buy root blowers and have decided to choose the 32 URAI DSL Roots Blower? That’s a good choice. The 32 URAI DSL is one of the best root blowers you can find on the market. But, before you go and buy it, make sure you consider several factors below. These factors help you to know whether that product is suitable for your system and needs.

Volume Flow and Pressure Head

The first thing you should consider is the volume flow and pressure level. Make sure the roots blowers that you get have volume flow and pressure level match your system requirement. Furthermore, you can use this factor to determine the product that has good performance and use less energy. With lower power consumption, you can save more budget for maintaining your system.

Performance Rating

Next, you also need to consider the performance rating of the roots blowers. There are several aspects in this category that you can see to decide whether the product is good or bad.

  • Speed and motor rating 

Speed and motor are the core of the roots blower. Therefore, you have to find the product with the best rating in this category. The speed and motor rating affect the output power that it produces, which can give a significant impact on your system.

  • Noise level 

Noise level is also important because it provides a better environment on the place where you install the roots blowers. Moreover, the vibration that is caused by the roots blower also can damage the system that you connect to this tool. Find a product with a vibration isolator and silencers for better and safer performance.

  • Heat regulation 

A good roots blower should have a high performed heat regulation. The temperature on this tool will affect the system where you install it. The temperature change even affects the material that can cause the degradation of performance.

  • Durability 

The last thing you should find is the product with the best durability. Three factors affect its durability, which are:

  • Material,
  • Specification that matches the standards,
  • Maintenance.

The material should be strong enough to survive the extreme condition. Then, it also has the specification that fulfills the standard or even exceeds it for better performance. Lastly, the device must have an easy-to-maintain concept, which helps you a lot to use it for a long time and save more money.


Make sure it also has a reasonable price. We never recommend you to get the cheapest product. The price should represent what you will get from that product. If you can get a lower price for a high-performance product, that would be even better.


As long as the root blowers product that you choose has everything we mentioned above, that will be the best option you can choose. And, best of all, 32 URAI DSL Roots Blower is one of the products in that category. Now, you just need to buy it to get the best roots blowers for your system.

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