New Panasonic Camcorders Have A Few “Touchy” Models

What you can do with your camcorder and who you go about doing it can be the deciding factor in a world of ever shrinking devices. With little to no surface area left on the exterior of Panasonic camcorders, the more features that can be added easily to the touch screen the better and the bigger the touch screen of course is also better.

There are a number of functions that need to stay where they are and some that are touched so infrequently that you can sort of hide them away bring only the immediate need controls to the surface of touch screen as it were, since the touch screens now rule the majority of the surface space on a camcorder. You need to be in some control of what goes where on the touch screen and menu setting functions will help that.

Some Panasonic camcorders feature the yet largest 3.5-inch LCD touch screen and host new touch-operations that make for a smoother shooting and playback experience. The best new function is “Touch Zoom.” It allows for single-handed slow and stable zooming during recording. The second new function included now is “Touch Shutter,” which automatically focuses and takes a still picture when the user touches the subject on the screen. This has to be the ultimate in automatic photography.

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