The Advantages of Using DAN-TIME Service

The application of high tech equipment in many aspects of a company is a common practice these days. It is all needed for one purpose, which is improving the efficiency and productivity of the company. One of the essential systems that need a high-technology application is the registration system. The tool that records the employee’s attendance has a significant role in the company’s future and competitiveness. DAN-TIME offers a service that can fulfill all needs of the company owner these days.

Experienced Service

DAN-TIME has been around for more than 30 years. They are one of the reliable companies you can find today. Their experience is the best in the time registration system and tool category. Thanks to its long history, they have been developing a lot of amazing equipment that implements the latest technology. Starting from the online-connected time registration tool to the analog type tool, this company made the best for each of those categories.

Convenient and Easy to Use

This company also offers many benefits to its clients. That makes their tools more convenient and easier to use than others. For example, this company doesn’t have a fixed monthly subscription. You only pay what you want to get and the function that you want to use. That means you also can save your budget for acquiring and applying a better registration system in your company.

Thorough Services

DAN-TIME also provides thorough service for its clients. Once you order their service and equipment for your company, they will also provide the installation service. Furthermore, this service is also fast. The installation process only takes one day to finish. So, when they come to your place and start the installation, you can use the registration system from DAN-TIME on the same day they installed it.

Various Types of Equipment

DAN-TIME also provides different types of registration systems that fit your needs. If you need the attendance tool, this company has the best selection you can choose from. But, they also have other tools with unique functions, such as salary supplements, flex rules, and others.

Furthermore, all these tools are integrated easily into other systems that you use. You can connect it with your company network and computer. You also can connect it to a mobile device, such as a Smartphone or tablet PC. This way your employees can easily use the system from anywhere and anytime.


In short, Dan-Time is one of the best companies that provide registration system devices. Their experience shows that you can trust this company. Moreover, they are also reliable with their customer-focused service. Furthermore, this company also has received the AAA rating award for its excellence in its service. As you can see, this award shows you that you are in the hand of the best service provider. So, if you need the best solution for your company registration system, you know what you should use.


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