These Are Not Your Fathers Panasonic Camcorders Anymore

I resisted buying a new camcorder first because I didn’t really get much use out of my decades old camcorder. In fact it looked like brand new the last time I dug out the big camera with its bulky battery and charger and then tried to find some blank media to fit this dinosaur. It was an easy decision to put it all back in the box and mark it for the next family yard sale next spring.

Every once and awhile when out shopping at the big discount stores I would walk past all the new Panasonic camcorders and glance at the new buzzwords that opened a ream of new questions. SD memory, iA software, face recognition. It just made it easier to walk away.

One day I stopped at the new camcorder display and picked up a model just to try it on for size so to speak. It was a lot smaller than it looked and easily fit in the palm of my hand. It was very light weight, enough so that I asked the salesman what would it weigh with the battery attached and the recording media installed. He smiled at me and kindly remarked in a low voice that the battery and memory chips were already installed. I was holding the entire system ready to shoot hours of video right in my hand.

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