The Way Customers Get Benefits from a Hotel with A Desk Booking System

Managing a hotel is challenging. It is even more complicated with social distancing and contact tracing due to the pandemic. Technology becomes one of the solutions to manage a hotel well no matter the condition. A desk booking system, such as Desk Flex helps employees to work more efficiently. This system even helps clients who want to book a room in the hotel. Check how this system helps your clients feel comfortable to use your services.

Reserve A Conference Room Easier and Faster 

Customers want to reserve a conference room immediately. They have to know the latest information about the room right away. It takes time if they have to go to the hotels or call customer services one by one. The process will be faster and more efficient if a hotel has a desk booking system. This system allows customers to check the conference room information online.

All they have to do is checking the room availability and booking it if it is available anywhere they want. The features of this system allow them to manage the conference room based on their events. Then, the hotel employees can approve the request. This transaction happens virtually without meeting face to face by only using a booking system.

Guide Customers Better 

A specific desk booking system such as a room display system is also good to guide customers. This feature covers the complete information customers need. Let’s say they can check whether they are going to the right conference room or not. Indeed, it shows the conference room status whether it is booked, used, or available.

Customers only have to check the information to get the right conference room. The information on the room display also guides them to check the time of the conference begins. The idea is how to guide clients or customers of your hotel by using a well-managed system.

Help Customers To Give Information to Your Employees

Your employees don’t have to check the conference room all the time. All you have to do is install a workstation touchscreen system. This product is good for customers to give information to your employees.

Let say a customer only has to touch the check-out button if they finish using the conference room. The room status will be changed automatically into available. Your employees can do the next job such as cleaning the room once they know the information from the users.

Customers Can Use Their Desk Comfortably 

A company such as Desk Flex also has a product known as FlexCube. It is a small device that you can install on a desk in your hotel or workspace. This device gives information about the desk status. As a result, customers know the desk they reserve, whether it is available or reserved, or unavailable to use. It limits the risk of taking the wrong desk if your employee doesn’t guide you to the exact desk.

The point is that a Desk booking system is not only good for the business owners but also their clients. The more comfortable your clients, the bigger a chance for them to be loyal clients. At least, you know that Desk Flex has a technology that helps your business a lot.

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