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Project Management is a set of principles, processes and techniques applied to achieve a defined set of business objectives within agreed parameters of time, cost and quality. The purpose of project management is to ensure that the customer’s needs are met in a controlled fashion. This is achieved by directing a project from its initiation to its closure. Closely linked to the purpose of project management is the need for it to be carried out in such a way as to manage risks and uncertainties. In this way, successful projects will deliver the desired benefits and value for money. The primary objective for project management is therefore to deliver the intended business benefit on time, within budget and with an appropriate level of quality.

Other people have done it. And so can you

The most successful founders make the whole world seem inevitable. You look at a company like Google or Facebook, and it seems so obviously what the future should be. But at the time they were both founded, that outcome was by no means obvious. This is easy to forget: it’s easy to think of great companies as if they were born that way. But if you study the history of their growth, you discover two things. One is that they often grew slowly at first, and then hit a tipping point where growth took off. The other is that they often started by serving a niche market.

Nowadays too much money goes into copycat companies in hopes of getting in on the next Facebook. But when you look historically at companies that have made it big, one thing you notice is how hard they were to see coming. Everyone knew Microsoft was going to be big, right? No, everyone thought Microsoft was a tiny player relative to Apple or IBM. Google had two advantages over its competitors: better technology, and an initial focus on serving the needs of a small group of users whose needs were otherwise unmet. The idea that search was just for geeks seemed obvious to everyone except Google.

Invest in project delivery

Whether you are a small or emerging business, proper project management is crucial for the company’s success. Often, companies that don’t use project management software fail to meet their deadlines and lose customers as a result. Such businesses also tend to be slower than their competitors and cannot respond quickly to customer needs. As a head of the company, it is your responsibility to ensure timely delivery of your services and products. Using Project Planner will help you to reduce risks, control costs and increase efficiency in your work. Monitoring all projects in one place will save time on reports and meetings with clients as well. Project management can speed up your business growth, improve your employees’ efficiency and make your company more profitable.

It’s all about a team

The most common objection I hear to growing fast is that “you’ll dilute your culture.” The idea seems to be that if you grow fast, you’ll start hiring less-good people. This is the opposite of how it works. Growth means more total hours per week of unplanned time, which means more opportunities to improve your team. It also makes it easier to attract great new people.

Imagine a company where the average person has one hour per week of unplanned time. If that company doubles in size, suddenly the average person has two hours per week of unplanned time. So everything else being equal, growing fast lets you improve your team faster than growing slowly does. Another way to put it is that growing slowly doesn’t magically make bad people good. People are either good or not good as individuals; adding them together into groups doesn’t make the groups good if they’re individually not good.

How about employee performance?

Your staff is the foundation upon which your business is built. Recruiting and retaining high quality staff is key to growth, as is keeping up with technology and providing a positive working environment. The first step to building a successful business is recruiting and retaining the best people you can find. Then you need to create a positive working environment where they can do their best work. If you want to attract good people, you have to have a good product or service; you have to pay competitively; and you have to offer good working conditions – including training, development opportunities and scope for promotion. Good people are likely to expect more than just a good salary: they want interesting challenges, opportunities to learn new things, and a supportive working environment. You can help retain good people by encouraging them and recognizing their achievements. You can also provide opportunities for training, career progression and promotion.

How fast is your work reporting process?

Businesses are growing with the aid of technology and automation. Technology like cloud servers, service desk software, business intelligence tools and others are making it possible for businesses to grow. The use of these technologies has increased productivity and reduced cost in organizations. Employee reporting help managers to understand how an employee has spent his time on a project. It also helps him to find out how much time was wasted by an employee during work hours and how he can improve his work ethics. Filling work reports online is easier than filling them on paper because the employee doesn’t have to go through the hassle of writing all the details on paper, he can simply fill the details on a form online or through his mobile phone. Another benefit of filling reports online is that it reduces manual errors that may occur while filling work reports on paper.


PMS tools have been around for years. It is a fantastic way to organize information and communication online, efficiently and collaboratively. Most project managers say that they have reduced costs with their new use of project management software; this appears to be the most common reason that organizations make the switch.

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