Guide for Buying LED Letters for Wall

Depending on how you use it, LED Letters for Wall could bring you two results. If you install it in your house or room, it can emphasize your room beauty and become a room decoration. You can even use it to show your personality in that room. On the other hand, if you use it in your business place, it could be a great way to attract people’s attention. Your place might get more customers because of this unique installation media. So, are you interested in using this media? If you do so, you have to read this article first.

What are LED Letters?

As we said above, it is a letter-shaped media. Then, you put it on your wall for different purposes. Those letters are made of various materials. Aluminum is the best choice because of its durability. This material also has a better resistance against weather and temperature if you put it on the outside. However, you also can find other materials for this media, such as PVC and even wood.

Those materials are the material used to build the frame that will become the base platform. Then, you install the LED lights on that platform. The LED lights used in this media are the low voltage type. Therefore, it uses a low amount of energy, which is also a good thing for your building. You can save more money for paying the electric bills. Moreover, LED lights are also well-known as the environment friendlier types of lights.

If you use it for business, it is also a good thing that you can use to promote your business. People are more aware of the environment these days. That way, you can create a positive impression for your business. It helps to boost your business branding on the market that you aimed.

Is it Expensive?

The budget you should prepare for installing the LED letter depends on the size and the complexity of the letter shape or font style. The average price for an 18 inches letter is around $150 to $200 per letter.

Other than that, the location where you want to install those letters is also important. The service provider also charges you more if you choose a difficult spot for its installation. It requires more effort and equipment, which costs you more.

More importantly, the type of color and lights are also an important thing to consider related to its cost. More colors mean cost you more. For example, if you want to make a 3D effect where you use different light colors for outline and shadow, you need to pay more.


The most important thing to know here is LED Letters for Wall will give you more advantages, appearance-wise. However, it could be difficult to do, so make sure you ask the best company to install them for you. They will give you the best result like what you want. If you can do that, your room or building will get a boost with this unique LED letter media.

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