Advantages And Disadvantages of Handy Talky

Radiocommunication Monterrey – When you are holding an event, whether it is a small event or grand event, communication is the main key to the event’s success. This is why the committee of the event always uses a walkie talkie or also known as handy talky as a communication tool during the event. This communication tool is also often used as an important device for security officers. A handy talky works by using radio waves, which are VHF or Very High Frequency and UHF or Ultra High Frequency.

The difference between those 2 radio waves is that VHF has a wider beam range. A handy talky is also ideal to be used for activities that involve a lot of parties, such as outbond, road trip, and so on. In such cases, using a handy talky will be more effective instead of using a loudspeaker. Unlike smartphones that require providers to do its functions, a handy talky uses radio waves around the area. However, just like other things, there are advantages and disadvantages of using a handy talky. Here they are.

The Advantages of Handy Talky

  • It does not need phone credits, like smartphones.

  • It is portable so that you can bring it almost anywhere.

  • It has a memory to record the most used channels.

  • There is a radio featured.

  • It is powered by batteries. So, you just need to charge it when the battery is running low.

  • It is affordable compared to smartphones.

The Disadvantages of Handy Talky

  • The battery runs out quickly.

  • It is not effective to use in an area with many high barriers, such as skyscrapers and high trees.

  • The voice is not really clear, depending on the location and radio signal reception.

  • It is heavier and larger compared to smartphones.

  • Some types have limitations in wave reception.

How to Choose the Best Handy Talky

  • Choose Based on the Frequency

A handy talky indeed depends on the radio frequency. This is why you need to choose the one according to the desired frequency. As it is said before, a handy talky uses 2 different frequencies, which are UHF and VHF. These 2 frequencies have very different ranges. The average frequency range is in the range 135 to 174 Mhz. If you will use this communication tool for many activities, you can pick a handy talky with a dual band feature that supports those 2 frequencies.

  • Consider the Range, Battery, and Features

When you are about to buy a handy talky, you should consider the location where you will use it. Are you going to use it in a small area or spacious area? Because there are the ones that can be used only between rooms and the ones that can be used up to a radius of 1000 meters. This is related to the power equipped in the handy talky. The bigger the power, the farther the range.

You also need to consider the battery capacity and features, such as features of flashlight or emergency.

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