Comfortable Car Gun Holster That Will Not Disrupts Your Driving Focus

Bringing a gun in the car seems uncomfortable if you don’t store it well. Any movement may trigger the gun and it is dangerous for the passenger. You can limit the risk by installing a car gun holster. It is a solution for those who feel uncomfortably holding a handgun on the waist while driving. Here, we show the type of car gun holster for car owners.

Shapeshift Driver Defense Holder  

A car gun holder has to be easy to install and keep the gun stable no matter the shock inside the car. At the same time, the gun has to be easy to pull anytime you need it urgently. Installing a shapeshift driver defense holster is a solution. The manufacturer designs this product to be installed in the best position.

Previously, users have to install it in the center of the console or in the glove box. These two locations are inaccessible, especially if you need to pull the gun right away. You only have to install it in the driving seat. It doesn’t disturb your driving focus, although this product is in the middle of the chair. The way to install the car gun holster is also simple.

You don’t need to drill or mount any hardware that will damage the interior of your car. It means that you have to fix it when uninstalling the holster. All you have to do is thread the straps through the back, wrap them underneath, and buckle them as the front of the car seat. The manufacturer also uses high-quality materials, such as nylon for the straps. Nylon is durable enough and stable enough to hold a gun.

Cloak Dock IWB Holster Mount 

If you think that a shapeshift driver defense gun holster will disturb your driving focus, you can install a cloak dock IWB holster mount. Unlike a car gun holster with a shapeshift model, you can install it under the vehicle steering column.

This product is also suitable for any surface, including wood, plastic, drywall, and sheet metal. Another difference is that you have to mount it on the surface, but it is not a big problem since a package of this product often consists of screws.

You often get plastic, wood, sheet metal, and drywall screws in case you don’t want to mount this holster inside the vehicle. You will also get two mounting brackets to hold the gun. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time user because the manufacturer also includes an instructional card in the package. The instructions and install the holster step by step.

The holster will be ready in a few minutes if you correctly follow the instructions. This cloak dock car gun holster can’t not only keep the gun stable but also easy to pull right away.

The point is that you can bring a gun while driving even without hanging it on the belt. The two types of car gun holsters above are a great option. As a result, you can comfortably drive the vehicle only by installing a car gun holster. Indeed, you can pull the handgun immediately if you have to.

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