How a Concept Map Can Help You Learn

A concept map is an ideal way for anyone to learn any topic. Concept maps are visual or graphical representations of different ideas and how they relate to one another. Main ideas are shown as main boxes or bubbles with linking arrows to show specific relationships.

A concept map can either be very simple and small, or it can be massive with many intricate parts. Whether you need to learn about a new topic or try to understand something a bit better, concept maps will do the trick. Here are three of the main ways that concept maps can improve your learning experience.

You Will Gain Deeper Knowledge

There is a major difference between knowing a topic and understanding it. Knowing a topic comes from just reading a few books, whereas deep knowledge comes with meaningful understanding. It’s the same reason why people become better at something they perform or study all of the time. When you don’t have the time to gain experience, concept maps will help you broaden your understanding of a tough topic.

Concept maps help your brain to make important connections between many ideas and how they all relate to each other. Your brain is designed to remember visualizations with the picture superiority effect. A concept map will help you to learn how two different ideas connect, where you start exploring meaningful learning. This type of learning sticks with you for life.

Organize and Arrange Complicated Ideas

The hardest part of learning is to know what is the relevant information that you need to recall. Sometimes there are so many aspects of a topic that you just don’t know where to start. Concept maps can help you organize your thoughts more clearly, and visualize the important information in one neat image.

This is where brainstorming is highly effective. As you look at the topic in a visual format, your brain will start to think of new ideas and concepts that can be linked to the main point. Concept maps are flexible so if one part doesn’t seem to quite fit, you can easily move it around. With a concept map, you can make your learning experience more adaptable and fun so that education becomes easier.

Improves Your Memory

When you try to learn for an exam you want to memorize the most important bits of information. There is no way to remember every single word in your textbook unless you have hyperthymesia, but with concept mapping, you will recall information more efficiently. It is easier for your brain to remember an image of the information rather than a full page of text.

Visualization is an amazing technique that your brain is perfectly wired for. You will find with concept maps that you can remember even the most complicated terms and pieces of information because your brain can process images far more efficiently.

Use concept maps anytime you need to learn more about a topic or you want to be able to remember a lot about something. Concept maps are powerful tools that are ideal for identifying relationships between different ideas and gaining a broader understanding of a topic.

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